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Hebrew School Education

The Hebrew School Education Program includes:

  • Individualized lesson plans for each student at that student’s level covering:
  • Israeli Culture and History
  • Sacred and Secular/Folk Jewish Music
  • Studies and Explorations through Arts
  • Biblical and Liturgical Hebrew Reading and Preparation
  • Modern Hebrew Language Studies
  • Holidays
  • Jewish History
  • Practical Jewish Custom – Shabbath, Holidays, Kashruth
  • Synagogue Skills – Bnei Mitsvah Training – Liturgy Studies
  • Studies in Tanakh (Bible)
  • Jewish Ethics, Social Issues, Comparative Religions (for the advanced students)

Continuing Jewish Education for Adults

Four classes are currently in session.

 A class in Biblical Hebrew taught at a beginner’s ability, and covers the Hebrew used in the prayer book.This class meets at 10:30am on Sundays. Weekdays, at 5:45am is a class in Talmud. Sundays, 9am, is a class on practical Halakhah (Jewish religious law).  Saturday afternoons is “Hashkafah Shelanu-Our Perspective,” a discussion group that covers the weekly Torah portion, current events, Halakhah (Law), Mahshevah (Philosophy), History, Social Issues or what ever the participants would like to explore. Congregants often use this time to bring current concerns to the table for discussion and analysis.or anything else on anyone’s mind. Before each of the Haggim (holidays) the customs and laws of that holiday are taught and reviewed, on Shabbath and also in the Advanced Shiur. TCOMD follows the tradition of all-night study on Shavuoth – with the best coffee in the county!



We hold traditional Shabbath Services all Saturdays of the month, as well as all holidays.   Evening services for Shabbath are b’zman, and will begin before candlelighting.  During “Daylight Saving” hours, morning services begin at 9am for Pesukei D’Zimra, and Shaharith at 10am.  “Standard Time” seasons will have services beginning at 8:30am.


Weekdays services are currently Shaharith (morning) services, at 6:15am, M-F and 8:30am Sunday. Services are held either in the Beith Midrash or the main sanctuary of the Synagogue Building.

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