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TCOMD is your home for authentic Jewish expression in Lake County. Be a partner in the future of your Jewish Community by joining TCOMD.

  • A Jewish Presence, Public and Proud, in the Tri-City area
  • Full Synagogue Religious Services,
  • Shabbath, High Holidays, Sukkoth, Shavuoth, Pesaḥ, Ḥannukah and Purim
  • Participation by all members of the community
  • Engaging Adult Education on Advanced and Introductory Levels
  • Religious and Traditional Instruction at all levels.
  • Individual and Couples Counseling.
  • Chaplaincy Service with the City of Mount Dora and Florida Hospital
  • Hebrew School for the children
  • Active Social Calendar – Movie Nights with Discussion Groups, Social outings to local venues, Koffee Klatches.
  • Full Lifecycle services from Baby Namings to Weddings to Funerals.

Find the answer to your Jewish needs in what we can do. Our synagogue is supported by your membership dues and donations.
Join now. Download, complete and return our membership form to or TCOMD, 848 North Donnelly, Mount Dora, FL, 32757.

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Guaranteed seating for the Yamim Noraim – High Holidays
Use of our sanctuary and social hall for all the joyous occasions in your life
Synagogue meals overseen by Trained and Certified Chefs
Dynamic opportunities for women to participate in services
Warm, diverse and embracing community
Outstanding Adult Education classes
Excellent student-needs tailored Hebrew school
Counseling and support during lifecycle events and in times of need
Compassionate dues system which ensures no one will be turned away based on financial considerations.
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  • Full MembershipFull membership – Couples or singles – includes all minor children and special rates for our Hebrew School.
  • Associate Membership
    Associate membership is designed for those who live outside of Florida during the summer.
  • Student Membership
    Student membership is geared towards young adults in college or graduate school, living independently.
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To join now, click here and return the form to or TCOMD, 848 North Donnelly, Mount Dora, FL, 32757.

To learn more about membership and other opportunities to support TCOMD, please call the office at 352-735-4774, or email Larry Mills (,  ( or

The synagogue will be our “house of meeting”- the physical manifestation of our special sense of identity and belonging. It will be the place where together we can most readily connect with our religious and cultural heritage. It will be a haven where we can freely enjoy, without pretense or insecurity, a feeling of camaraderie with our fellow Jews.

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Let’s make something beautiful together.

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