An Introduction to Jewish Prayer

By Hakham Isaac S.D. Sassoon The rabbis defined prayer as abodah she-balev (=worship of the heart; see Sifre Dt. 41; Ta‘an. 2a). When discussing the prayer book – as we are about to do – we must constantly bear that definition in mind. A person may entertain the kindliest sentiments towards the undernourished, but unless he givesContinue reading “An Introduction to Jewish Prayer”

Women & Traditional Judaism FAQ

 Q.  Are women encouraged to come to religious services? A.  Encouraged?  Necessary!  TCOMD is not a men’s club.  Q. May women touch the Torah? A. During the Hakafah (Procession) of the Torah from the Heihal (Ark) to the Tevah (Reader’s Desk) women carry the Scroll for half the time.   Q. Do women participate in the service?  A. WomenContinue reading “Women & Traditional Judaism FAQ”